Build your list FASTER with a highly converting lead magnet.

A larger email list = more opportunities to help your audience in a meaningful way

= more business revenue

  • The complete guide to lead magnets, from what they are to how they can grow your revenue.
  • Key elements to consider.
  • Ideas for lead magnet formats.
  • For course creators, online business owners, creatives, and coaches.
the 5 key elements of an irresistable lead magnet

Hey, I'm Helen

More than just conversion copywriting

I help course creators and online business owners, including copywriters, make money from email marketing using my unique EmailScale system. My mission is to help you sell the ‘real’ you with ease and with words that make money for you.

Think of me as your strategic partner and accidental tech fairy (let's navigate your tech stack together).

I want to take the mystery out of creating lead magnets.

My guide will give you solid foundations you can use again and again when creating your lead magnets and help you build your list faster as a result.

I can't wait to see what you create for your business with your irresistible lead magnets!

"Helen inspires us with ideas and instructs on tactics that let it be easy."


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