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Self Study 2023

It's time to overcome the overwhelm you feel when you think about making your websit profitable.

Get an actionable course that pushes you to implement one of the key parts of your website.. for only £47!

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"Helen's course was different. It was the only one I completed AND

implemented! One reason is that her

course is short and sweet, but very

well organized and explained."


Here's what you get:

5 Mini Module Core Course

  • Nail down your brand guide, website name, host, theme and a branded Google Workspace (instead of spending yet another week just thinking about it).
  • Set up your site the easy way from the start so it works as you want it to (no more late nights trying to figure out what went wrong)
  • Expertly brand your site (even though you may be a technophobe and have never used WordPress or even created a website before)
  • Craft compelling web copy for the main pages for your site to amplify your reach and get the type of high-quality clients you are looking for month in month out.
  • Learn easy and cheap ways to maintain your website so it remains online and converts clients 24/7.

Support PDFS, Audios, and Spreadsheet Template.

Benefit from:

  • Lifetime access to the course materials and all updates.

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